Three of the best innovative technology based music PR campaigns of recent years

Creativity is at the heart of public relations with social media and technology now being a huge part of PR campaigns, so when the two meet in the middle, there’s some seriously innovative campaigns. Today I’m going to talk about some of the most innovative campaigns in recent years!

thats_the_spiritBring Me The Horizon’s That’s The Spirit PR Campaign 

In 2015, the launch of Bring Me The Horizon’s album That’s The Spirit had a first of it’s kind PR campaign in which on the run up to the launch date, distorted clips of new songs were released periodically via Spotify. A homepage takeover creative unit was used through which fans could explore these distorted clips, then on the actual launch day, the homepage was turned into an interactive jukebox which delivered a brilliant level of engagement for fans. This resulted in That’s The Spirit entering the global Spotify album chart at number 9 and the bands Spotify followers grew by over 50,000 in three weeks. This campaign is a brilliant example of how bands and musicians can utilise new technology to their advantage!

frank_carter_snake_gameFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes PR Campaign

Frank Carter, of Gallows and Pure Love fame, returned to the music scene with his new band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes with Frank wanting to raise his profile in his new band. As part of this campaign, the band designed their take on the classic Nokia game ‘Snake’ which was re-imagined to include an 8-bit version of Frank Carter with an 8-bit recording of the bands single ‘Fangs’. The game gave players opportunities to win a prize through sharing the game through a direct-to-Facebook post, in which players could show off their score. This tactic definitely did raise the bands profile and shows that gamification definitely works when used in the right way!

iron-maiden-video-game-630x420Iron Maiden Book of Souls PR Campaign

Iron Maiden and their publicists wanted to retain the mystery of the long awaited album until people physically had a copy in their possession. To achieve this, they utilised several different tactics which pulled fans in yet still retaining the air of mystery around it. First, they released an animated version of the album cover with a short guitar solo over the top which was distributed via social media, which sent fans into a frenzy. This amassed a total of over 1m views. They then encouraged fans to vote on their favourite Iron Maiden video, which were all newly uploaded to YouTube in HD for the first time. They then utilised the gamification tactic, which included the band’s mascot, Eddie, in a Donkey Kong type scenario, which received over 250k unique visitors. This campaign was hugely successful with the audience demographic, especially younger fans who were listening to Iron Maiden for the first time and were drawn to the band due to the tactics used during the campaign.


Can you think of any other innovative PR campaigns that have utilised social media and technology to aid them into success? Let me know in the comments!


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