Five ways to get your music noticed

Many bands and artists will struggle to be heard and get their music out there. But for up and coming and unsigned bands, there are various ways you can get coverage for your music until you are known enough to afford a reputable PR company to handle that side of things for you! This list will cover just some of the ways you can get some free press coverage for your band!

1. Go to the bloggers

Blogging hands

Bloggers can be seen as some of the hardest workers in the industry. Many of them seek out up and coming bands to feature in their blogs and building a good relationship with music bloggers can be an important step to make it in the industry. Many bloggers will be happy to feature you in a listicle style post if they like what they hear, and may even write a review on your album, EP, or single. Invite them to a show you’re playing that’s local to them so they can write a live show review. I mean, even if they don’t like it and absolutely slate your music, there’s no such thing as bad publicity…right?

2. Start your own blog or YouTube channel

Both blogging and YouTube are huge at the minute and are a great way to get people interested in your project. If you start your own blog, take some photos and tell people what you’re up to, share your recording process, what you have been up to as a band, and tour updates. YouTube channels can be a great way for bands and artists to interact with fans too. Tour videos are hugely popular, there’s something exciting about seeing what a band get up to backstage or behind the scenes before or after shows, even if it’s something insanely normal like kicking back with some Domino’s Pizza and having a Fifa sesh with the rest of your band mates!

3. Send your music to radio stations

Many radio stations have “introducing” shows, such as Radio 1’s Introducing show, or more local to the North East, Spark FM’s Local Music Hour. Even if you don’t get featured or played at first, sending your songs to radio stations regularly keeps you in the forefront of their minds and is the first step to a relationship with the radio stations.  There are also many community radio shows who will be ecstatic that you have sent them your tunes! In fact I have presented radio shows on community radio and have been over the moon when local bands and artists have reached out to me to play their music. Smaller community radio stations might even invite you to the studio to play music live on air for them, which is great publicity for you and them alike!

4. Become a social media mogul

I know I’ve covered this in previous blog posts, but I can’t stress enough how important social media is for an up and coming band or artist. Network with fans, plug your music, get fans to plug your music, advertise your live shows, tell fans what you’re up to in the recording process, share videos, go ‘Live’ on Facebook, tell fans what you’re having for lunch. It provides a great base to grow your fan base and get your band heard. Even if you spend a couple of quid for a boosted post on Facebook to advertise your new music video, you’re bound to attract new people to your music and get it out there. Social media can be a gem, but make sure you do it with personality, no one wants to click on links that you’ve just captioned with “Check out our new music video”. Inject some personality in there and show people how fun and exciting you really are!

touring-guitar5. Join the local tour circuit 

Your area is bound to have loads of bands that are in the same position as you. Team up with them and do a tour circuit around small, local, venues. You’ll soon find out where the music scenes are a big deal, and when you do, play more in that place. If you can’t afford to tour around, then just play as much as possible in your local area. There’s only so long people can ignore you for and you’ll soon get noticed and get people coming to your shows!

I hope this short list has given you some ideas on how to get your music noticed without the help of a PR company. Can you think of any other ways I’ve missed off of this list? Let me know in the comments!



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