A chat with Steph Knight of Domino PR


Domino PR is a Devon based music public relations company that offers print, online, radio, and television promotion for bands all around the world. The founder and director of Domino PR is Steph Knight who has an eight year background in music. Current bands on Domino PR’s roster are City of Ashes, Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons, Terraform and many more! I had a chat with Steph about why she set up her own PR company, the best and worst things about her job, and why musicians need PR.

About Steph

Throughout her eight year career in music, Steph has worked with a variety of successful bands and musicians, including DEAD!, Hacktivist and POLAR. She also single handedly covered the promotion of the South West’s biggest one day festival, Lemonfest.

In 2015, Steph was one of three finalists for the Venus Award’s Business Mother of the Year, and has appeared in Metal Hammer magazine. She has also run PR and marketing workshops all over the country, including at UK Tech Metal Fest and Exeter University.

As well as running a successful PR company, Steph is also a weekly presenter on Exeter’s local community radio station, Phonic FM.

Tell me a bit about your background.
I never went to University as I had a daughter at a young age. When she was 3 I managed to obtain myself some freelance writing positions and contributed to different online music magazines to build up my experience. After a few years of dedication and lots of networking at festivals and gigs, I’d found my passion and decided I wanted a career in music. I managed to obtain myself various internships and work placements in London to decide what type of job role that I wanted to pursue as a career; this is where I found a love for PR. I could have moved to London after my internships but as I have a young daughter I didn’t want to uproot her from my life down in Devon, so I decided to start up Domino PR and work from home. I love music, it’s my passion but I believe in the future I may expand and look into other types of PR to hopefully take my company to another level.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I get to manage my own time meaning I get to spend more time with my daughter, more so then I would if I was in employment at another company for example.

What’s the worst thing about your job?
The late nights and having to work promo over the weekends in the summer but I don’t really see that as too much of a negative because I love what I do. My daughter will soon be old enough to join me at festivals etc, so I look forward to that.

Do you think there is a need for PR when it comes to music?
Of course else I wouldn’t be in a job! There is a certain degree of exposure that a band or artist can do on their own yes of course but they will always get to a certain point where you can’t do it all by themselves. That’s why all successful bands and musicians have teams that specialise in certain fields so that the band and artist can concentrate on their specialist field, performing and writing music.13619815_1953097074916530_6492224388454574422_n

Do you have any advice for people wanting to break into the world of music PR?
Patience is really important. I juggled 2 jobs and contributed to 5 magazines at one point, including interning wherever I could to be able to get to the position I am in now. I didn’t get paid for any of the internships either. I believe if you want it bad enough that’ll be easily read and people will help you reach your goals. This is why I always try to help out anyone where I can as at the beginning it was really hard for me to get my foot in the door and I’d have really appreciated that little bit of help. I think it’s always great to give someone a helping hand wherever you can in life. I’ve done various workshops at universities and festivals as I said earlier, completely for free as I also have a passion to help out budding young music nerds like myself. Believe you can do it, dedicate yourself to achieve it and you’ll get where you want to be.


Check out Domino PR’s website at http://www.dominopr.co.uk.
Thanks to Steph for chatting to me!


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