Top 4 Music PR Blunders

Music is one of those things that always has the power to bring people together. Music can make people feel a whole array of emotions and as Bono said: “Music can change the world because it can change people”. But behind every great musician is a great publicity team, but not every public relations strategy goes to plan, and today we’ll talk about the top four music PR fails.

4. Rita Ora Twitter “hack”


Back in 2014, pop diva Rita Ora tweeted her fans saying that if she received 10,000 retweets she would release her new song the following Monday. Unfortunately for Rita, her 3.9m followers must have been indisposed because the poor girl only got a measly 1000 retweets. She then backed out of the claim, citing that her Twitter had been hacked and that the hacker was threatening to release her new music and that “nothing comes out until I’m ready”. Bad publicity fail that backfired or did Rita Ora really fall victim of a Twitter hack? I’ll let you be the judge!


3. Rihanna’s 777 Tour Press Fiasco


Rihanna’s 777 Tour was a promotional tour in which she invited 150 journalists and a handful of fans on a private plane to follow her on the week-long tour. But from the articles and footage from the seven-date tour, which saw the party start in Mexico City, before moving onto Toronto, Srihanna-777-tour-day-1-recap_zpsbeb23764tockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, and finishing up in the Big Apple, were far from the idealistic affair that Rihanna’s publicity team were hoping for. Apparently, it turned into a week which was “tedious, exhausting, rarely involving sleep or water”. There was supposedly even a riot onboard the plane between Berlin and London in which the passengers felt like hostages. Aside from the start of the tour which provided several photos of Rihanna herself pouring champagne for guests, the star herself apparently spent the rest of her time onboard locked in a panic room esque cupboard away from the madness.  Maybe it was just some sort of sick social experiment that went very, very wrong?

2. #Susanalbumparty


I bet poor Susan Boyle’s publicity team wish they’d have read the promotional hashtag for this one don’t they? The singer’s press team sent a tweet to publicise her new album but failed to see how the hashtag #Susanalbumparty, which was supposed to read “Susan Album Party”, read a very different way instead. And when Twitter users realised this, it was soon trending worldwide. Although SuBo’s PR team decided not to comment on the matter, the tweet was later deleted. Could this have been genius PR to get Susan trending or just generally a huge fail?

1. U2 iTunes Album Dump


Remember when U2 gave iPhone users the gift that they definitely didn’t need or want? The band triggered a huge backlash after letting their album ‘Songs of Innocence’ automatically download to 500 million iPhone/iPad users with active iTunes accounts. People branded U2 “really rude” for the automatic download, but Bono later on apologised to those who considered the gift an inconvenience for giving them free music. Well I should think so too Bono!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little snippets into the top 4 music PR fails! Do you think any other PR fails should be in the list? Let me know in the comments!


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